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Our lie detector tests follow a simple and effective process that we have developed over several years. We’re always happy to chat, free-of-charge, and there’s no obligation to book a test after your consultation.

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Private Lie Detector Tests from Lie Detect

At Lie Detect, we believe that the best way to keep moving forward in life is to understand all the facts.

What better way to settle an interpersonal dispute than to find out for certain whether or not someone is lying? From investigating hidden assets to ensuring the safety of your children, we offer lie detector tests to private clients across the United Kingdom. 

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Still unsure? For more information, please see our frequently asked questions or give us a call on 0800 0029 858, and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

Polygraph Lie Detector Tests in the UK

We understand that it can be hard to ask for the help of an outsider when you’re dealing with a very personal matter.

When you choose Lie Detect to perform your lie detector test, we guarantee that we’ll always treat you with professionalism and respect. We don’t judge our clients, and we’ll support you every step of the way. 

Each member of our team is trained and accredited in conducting polygraph examinations. We can perform the test in one of our controlled offices across the UK, or we can come to your home or office if you prefer. We’ll also offer you a choice between a male or a female examiner.

Once we’ve completed the test, we’ll compile all our findings into a professional and organised final report. We’ll send this to you via an encrypted portal, ensuring that nobody but you will have access to the results of your test.

Read more about our process for polygraph testing and 3-D facial analysis.

How Can a Lie Detector Help Me?

Lie Detect lie detector tests have various practical applications for private clients. Here are some examples of what we can help with, but bear in mind that it’s not an exhaustive list. If you have a specific issue that you need our help with and it’s not listed here, please get in touch to find out whether our services are right for you.

Cheating Partner Tests

It might not have occurred to you to use a lie detector to uncover cheating. Being uncertain about the future of your relationship can leave you feeling powerless and lost, and you might even find it difficult to talk to your partner. 

In days gone by, people associated these kinds of lie detector tests with the controversial Jeremy Kyle Show. The ‘sexual contact’ test question is an infamous line in British culture. Our lie detector test service is a lot more confidential than the ones formerly offered on daytime TV. The only person who’ll find out the results is the person who ordered the test.

If you’ve hit a wall in communication and you’re not sure how to move forward, a test can illuminate your path moving forward. At Lie Detect, we believe in empowering our clients and helping them to make informed decisions based on facts.

Determine the Future of Your Marriage

As well as finding the truth about allegations of infidelity, our lie detector tests can uncover other details about your spouse or fiancé. You can use the result to make informed decisions as you move forward. 

Your marriage doesn’t need to be in crisis for a lie detector test to benefit you. A test can help with practically any marital dispute about the truth. You’ll be armed with enough information to make confident decisions about how best to work on your marriage by choosing to take a test.


When going through a divorce, you might be concerned that your husband or wife is hiding assets from you to prevent you from getting your full entitlement. By using our lie detector tests, you can find out whether or not this is the case.  

If it’s revealed that your spouse is concealing wealth from you, you can begin efforts to recover these assets. If they aren’t, you’ll be able to proceed with your divorce with the confidence that you’re getting everything you deserve out of the proceedings. 

Sham Marriages

If you’re concerned that you’ve been tricked into a sham marriage, you’re not alone. A 2015 investigation by the Home Office found that many people involved in an illegal marriage were unaware that the marriage was a sham. When you want to verify the legitimacy of your fiancé or the fiancé of a family member, a lie detector test can go a long way to managing your concerns.

Safeguarding Your Family

Allowing someone close access to your family can be frightening. Whether you have young children who need a nanny or an elderly parent who needs care, you should consider using a lie detector test.

It will allow you to determine who precisely you’re allowing near your loved ones.

Before hiring a nanny, you might want to verify their intentions and whether they have your children’s best interests at heart. Likewise, abuse in the private care sector is a national crisis. You need to be sure that your elderly relatives will be safe in someone else’s hands.

Asking a new person working with the family to perform a lie detector test will offer you the best opportunity to be sure you can trust them.

Click here to book a lie detector test online.

Still unsure? For more information, please see our frequently asked questions or give us a call on 0800 0029 858, and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

Prove Your Innocence

It is incredibly frustrating to be falsely accused of wrongdoing. It is incredibly frustrating to be falsely accused of wrongdoing. When you know you’re innocent, wrongful allegations can damage your mental health, as well as harm your relationships. Fortunately, there is a way to clear your name: volunteering to take a lie detector test. 


Instead of allowing yourself to go through the ordeal of becoming a victim of false accusations, you can take a lie detector test to clear yourself of all allegations and preserve your reputation.

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