Our lie detector tests follow a simple and effective process that we have developed over several years. We’re always happy to chat, free-of-charge, and there’s no obligation to book a test after your consultation.

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Lie Detection for Businesses and Corporations

You might want to make use of our lie detector for internal investigations, pre-employment screening, or to clear your name and prove your innocence in the face of wrongful allegations.

We offer polygraph examinations and 3D facial analysis lie detector tests for businesses across the United Kingdom. Our tests can determine with a high degree of accuracy whether or not someone is telling the truth.

Our tests are always delivered with absolute professionalism, and we can bring the test to your office for your convenience. We’ll return the results to you in an organised final report within 24 hours. Click here to book a test online.

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Credibility Assessments for Pre-Employment Screening

High-stakes hiring can be an extremely stressful ordeal. When you’re preparing to welcome a new member to your team, knowing that they will be privy to some of the company’s most sensitive information, it’s natural to be anxious. 

The last thing you’d want to do is hold the door open for someone to do catastrophic damage to your business.

You probably already have interview questions to help you determine the character of your potential employees, but what is to stop someone with bad intentions from lying to you?

By using a private lie detector test in your hiring process, you’ll be able to make informed hiring decisions with confidence. Not only will this lessen the pressure on your human resource department, but it will also give you more freedom to focus on other aspects of the hiring process.


A Lie Detection test can verify your candidates

Past Conduct

Employment History

Intentions for the Business

Personal Values

Assisting Internal Investigations

Internal investigations usually come about in response to an issue that arises in the business that is not yet fully understood. 

They’re necessary to help management understand what is going wrong, how to fix it, and how to prevent similar issues in the future.

A successful internal investigation spells out what needs to be understood and how much information they need to gather from the start. Participants need the goals and scope of the inquiry to be explained to them with complete transparency.

Common issues that spark the need for an internal investigation include

Suspicions about Corporate Espionage

Abuse of Company Property

Allegations of Workplace Bullying or Harassment

Money Going Missing

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