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Lie Detect offers lie detector services to businesses and private clients across the United Kingdom. Our tests are accurate about 95% of the time.

Whether you need to find out whether someone in your life is telling the truth or you need to prove your innocence against false allegations, our experienced examiners can conduct a lie detector test.

With a choice of packages, you can be sure that Lie Detect can help you find out the truth.

We guarantee service in every major town and city on the British mainland, and we’ll consider coming to see you in more remote locations on an individual basis.

Not sure yet? We’re always happy to answer any questions. To speak with a qualified examiner for free, please call 0800 0029 9858. If now isn’t a good time, leave your contact details, and a member of our support team will get back to you at your convenience.

Understanding Lie Detection

When we conduct lie detector tests, we need to be as scientific as possible. This means understanding our limitations as well as our capabilities. 

We can’t conclude with 100% accuracy whether or not someone is telling the truth for the simple reason that we can’t read minds. We can measure and record different reactions that humans typically have when lying and gauge the probability of truthfulness accordingly.


To keep things scientific, we have to conduct our tests in a particular way. The British Polygraph Association has developed the methodology we use, and it provides the best defence against false positives and unclear readings. To maintain high standards of accuracy, we must remember our ultimate goal of finding out the truth at all times.

Polygraph Lie Detector Tests

This type of test is commonly associated with Hollywood detective films, but private polygraph tests form an ever-growing part of the investigation market.

The police don’t tend to use polygraph tests, and the results aren’t admissible in criminal court. Still, this doesn’t mean that polygraph tests are useless in all legal disputes.

A polygraph test works by measuring bodily responses associated with lying. During the test, our polygraph examiner attaches different pieces of apparatus to your body and measures how you react to answering a series of questions. You might have heard conflicting things about the level of accuracy in a polygraph test. When conducted properly by a trained examiner, the tests are accurate about 95% of the time. 

3D Digital Facial Analysis

Thanks to evolution, we’re driven by two different nervous systems. Our autonomic nervous system reacts before we think, while our somatic nervous system controls our intentional movements.

Contemporary research suggests that when we lie, our autonomic nervous response can reveal our true feelings before we open our mouths. This nervous response manifests in the form of unintentional facial expressions, called microexpressions.

Particular expressions strongly indicate untruthful intent. With the help of rapidly advancing facial recognition technology, a high-speed digital camera can capture these expressions. We analyse the footage of the face to determine truthfulness when answering specific questions.

We’ve added microexpression analysis to our lie detection plus package. By choosing an upgrade from the standard lie detector test, you can save money for both tests. 

Tests for Private Clients

Lie Detect’s lie detector services can help to settle all manner of interpersonal disputes. Most popularly, we use the tests to look into allegations of cheating, but we can also use them to investigate disputes about child custody, theft, and prenuptial arrangements.

We have controlled office locations across the country, which means that we can provide a relaxing, distraction-free environment to conduct your test, wherever you are. We’re also happy to perform the test in the privacy of your home. Please get in touch with us to discuss available locations.

Corporate Lie Detection

Businesses ask for our help with lie detection for pre-hiring screening and internal investigations. 

If you suspect an employee of behaving in a breach of your code of ethics, asking them to do a lie detector test is an efficient way to get to the bottom of it. Likewise, if you find yourself at the receiving end of wrongful allegations, volunteering to perform a lie detector test can help you clear your name.

Employee misconduct isn’t a prerequisite for a corporate lie detector test. Many firms make use of our tests to screen potential employees for unsavoury past activities. Lie detector tests can be used to determine an employee’s true ethical values before hiring.

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How to Get in Touch

If you’re interested in lie detection from Lie Detect, or you have any questions for us at all, please don’t hesitate to call 0800 0029 858. If you can’t talk now, or you prefer to communicate via email, fill out this contact form, and our examiners will get back to you today. If you don’t feel the need to chat because you’ve already made up your mind, please click here to book an appointment online.

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